• Rana Bhaumik

If We Hate Dying, Why Should The Business Die?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It may not be wrong to believe that leaving behind a thriving, growing, and learning business is one of the best services to humanity.

What is born has to die, is a truism for mortal life. But are we ready to accept this inevitability? While the answer is a resounding no, it may not be true for an entrepreneur who wants to live not in years but in deeds through the business built and nurtured over time.

The need for business continuity has never been felt as intensely as in 2020 when the world economy will de-grow massively and there is despondency across the board. In these unprecedented times, survival is critical.

Business continuity objectively assesses people, products, and technology that determine sustenance. Thinking through the present and bringing into fruition an organization that is process and knowledge-driven rather than people dependent is what will drive continuity.


Profitability drives and motivates the ecosystem. Questioning costs for productivity and relevance is the hallmark of a progressive business that encourages innovation, value creation, and quality.

Global economic history proves that an inadequate focus on profitability has brought an end to businesses that were considered too big to fail. Being profitable and earning a profit is of paramount significance since that will finance innovation and survival.


Sustainability is the attribute that ensures businesses are not “fly by night operators.” Businesses represent the dreams and aspirations of the stakeholders and to fail them is cruel.

The entrepreneur is a visionary seeing ahead of the present and thus bears the responsibility of sustaining the business whether it be through expansion, acquisition, automation, funding, technology, portfolio shifts, or such other measures. Nature plays a vital part in this equation and to undermine it will be delaying the inevitable.

What We Do

Our involvement with the business at every step to see how it ticks and what keeps it ticking is our biggest priority. As we leverage the services of subject matter experts, we once again underline that we are Relevance In Deed.

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