• Rana Bhaumik

Responsibility, Profitability, and Sustainability

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Responsible business (#responsibility) is what we believe will drive valuations in the long run. Responsibility in business extends to and includes all stakeholders where they need to demonstrate the care and seriousness in the areas they work on. Hence, it starts from the “baby on board" to the "Director on board” and covers start-ups to "grown-ups."

Image: The business entity must not exploit people, environment, and markets.

Profitability not only refers to the “profit and loss” of operations (#profitability), but we believe and are convinced that it extends to the ability to continue operations with the same quality, efficiency, precision, and economy.

"Responsibility is the secret to sustainability and continuity."

In the present day, as the awareness towards health and safety is increasing, the organization has to look beyond traditional profit and loss account. This is no longer an option but an inevitability. If the entity does not realize this, it is writing its death warrant. From aspects like responsible sourcing, humane working conditions, eco-friendly packaging and distribution system, reasonable pricing, responsibility is the secret to sustainability and continuity (#sustainability #continuity).

A business that only exploits people, environment, and markets is destined to fail since anything that lives by the sword dies by the sword!

What We Do

As we get associated with businesses and various parts of the ecosystem, we prepare the entity to operate and survive in the new paradigm and market demands. We align business processes and enable the relevant ones along with reports to reinforce the culture and commitment of all stakeholders to make the business responsible, profitable, and sustainable.

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of domain experts and factoring them in the what, who, where, when, and how of the business, we underline that we are Relevance in Deed.

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