• Rana Bhaumik

How to Ensure HCM is A Differentiating Factor

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Successful businesses that makeup one big, happy family are constituted of people that help transform businesses from Good to Great.

Businesses are similar to houses and the inhabitants (employees) make it a throb, breathe and add value. The criticality of the human factor is frequently underestimated and undervalued. Even when technology appears to be God, what is often ignored is the fact that without humans, technology is a dumb terminal.

It is the human being that adds intelligence and insight into technology (artificial intelligence). After all, it takes the human finger to switch on the mobile. The products and services that businesses deal in do require the human touch to design and shape them to the customer’s need and preferences.

Every human being is unique, talented and an uncut diamond. The role of the organization is to harness the talent, nurture, mould and channelize it thus transforming them into assets and capital. How effectively the entity transforms them into assets will distinguish and differentiate organizations and drive value.

Transforming human capital into empowered and multi-dimensional teams, serve as an excellent retention tool besides preparing the “pitch and wicket” for continuity, succession, and sustainability.

It is inevitable that people will leave but the maturity of the organization lies in continuing undeterred and by identifying, recruiting, upgrading and retaining talent. At all times, including during Covid-19 pandemic, HR plays a stellar role in moulding, empowering, enriching and enhancing the skills and repertoire of people in the organizations.

Role of the Human Capital Management function becomes critical. Leadership now becomes pivotal and decisive as it blends plans and numbers with and into the business. HR ought to link business and the numbers with people and how they stack up.

Having worked with industry leaders and across continents, we bring in the kind of experience and perspectives that have helped mould and transform the HR function from merely transactional to being more strategic. We are Relevance In Deed.

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