• Rana Bhaumik

Cash is King and Critical to Survival

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Cash is real, true, and uncomplicated. Over-analysis is paralysis and analyzing profit reflected in the revenue account versus cash flows is a tragic fact.

Without cash, strategies are merely dreams! Strategies help plan the next move but it is cash that translates strategies into reality.

At all times -- pre, during, and post-COVID -- the secret to survival and sustainability whether at a business or personal level will always revolve around:

  1. How much cash is uncollected?

  2. How much cash is payable?

  3. How much cash will remain?

Strategic finance is all about increasing the bang for the buck, that is, improving the productivity of every dollar or rupee spent. If you respect cash, then cash will in turn respect you!

Strategic Finance = Frugality

Frugality is a great asset even though miserliness is foolishness of immense proportions. Frugality drives strategies where every expense is evaluated for the productivity and benefit, present or future, it generates for the business or individual. Strategic finance or frugality helps a business or an individual to survive today and fight tomorrow.

The camaraderie in pooling funds within a friends' circle and the zero-based budgeting that runs all young families are seminal instances of strategic financing where opportunity costs of alternatives were discreetly considered before committing to the spend.

Businesses survive beyond decades not necessarily because of great products or services but because they had frugal people deciding and committing on every amount going out of the bank.

By driving accountability, profitability, and value creation across the length and breadth of the entity and every stakeholder in the ecosystem, we drive a culture of frugality and the realization that cash is the king, whether it is the baby on board or director on board.

We are relevance in deed!

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