• Rana Bhaumik

Blossoming and Maturing of an Accountant

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The last few years have heralded the transformation of the accountant from a mere bean-counter to a solution provider.

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Numbers are for real, unlike statistics, and hence never lie. For businesses, they are either scent of opportunities or bells for a lurking crisis.

In such a situation, the world has realized that the humble bookkeeper or accountant has grossly been underestimated and underutilized in the business. By condemning him/her to a nondescript corner of the office and often dwarfed by the heaps of paper and ledgers, the business has ignored and failed to tap into the huge volumes of data and insight that the numbers spit out at the accountant.

Helping with Decision-Making

The discipline that the virtuous cycle of good accounting brings to the table clearly defines the position and the power it brings to bear. The tools that make accounting process-driven rather than people-dependent empower the humble accountant to provide the much-needed objective and data-driven analysis, which the decision-makers badly need.

Decisions, when data-driven and incisive, establish, underline, and reinforce the competitive edge of the business over its competitors.

The improvement in quality and integrity of data coupled with the talent of the accountant to focus on emerging issues facilitates the business to navigate ethically the world of compliance. Now there are no surprises and the analysis takes into account what regulatory exposure the decisions may entail.

CXOs and Directors who are equally concerned about the reputation of their business as much as profitability feel assured and safe since “no corners have been cut” to arrive at the numbers.

This is Relevance in Deed, and our success lies in making the client's business successful the right way!

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