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MARKETING & SALES SERVICES provides a full range of sales, marketing, and support services remotely to small and medium businesses and startups across the globe. We enable these organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences without breaking their wallets. is a one-stop-shop for small and medium businesses and startups for their CX needs.


We bring your unique idea to life with professional web design and development of memorable aesthetics, precision code, and exquisite craftsmanship. We build captivating websites of the highest quality and handcraft each to meet the unique needs of your project. Escaping the ordinary, we ensure each element on each page is responsive and optimized for search engines.

Website Design


We write your story that customers understand, relate to, and appreciate. We project your brand's identity while stepping into their shoes and writing words that speak to their soul. We bind your vision and objectives together into a perfect blend of smart and creative copy. We craft strong, engaging, targeted, comprehensive and well-tailored content for your SEO rankings.

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We create content that is needed to exhibit your domain authority. We put in the time, attention, and research necessary to ensure the content is accurate and on-point.  We deliver readable, compelling, evidence-based content that interests readers. We understand the needs of a business and can communicate well with your target decision-makers.

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We power your property's SEO performance. We do keyword research and define your content development strategy to align with visitor intent and ensure your property sends the right authority signals to search engines and visitors. We do on-page optimization to use keywords appropriately and structure the page to clearly signal what its content is communicating to visitors.

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We run worry-free Google Ads campaigns for you that bring you more sales or leads. We plan, set-up, manage and optimize the campaigns, including Search, Display, Shopping, and Remarketing. We do initial keyword research, market research, fully understand your goals for the account and anything else that is needed to get a campaign ready to go live.

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We increase sales, brand awareness or website traffic through social media. We drive organic growth by targeting the most specific audience possible. We share great content about your business, set up a beautiful feed, and create a strategy to keep followers highly engaged. We do minor graphic design, create attention-grabbing copy, hashtag research, and generate result-oriented posts.

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We build email lists and generate quality leads for your sales. We do market and customer research to find the top level and key people you need to target. We do data mining of business directories, social media, and other online resources. We do web research, web scraping, and contact information research to find email IDs, phones, and addresses.

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We build email campaigns and sequences towards cold outreach, lead nurture, and customer retention for upselling and cross-selling. We find the right words to hook your audience, keep them around, and compel them to take action, all without sounding sales-ey. We develop high-converting emails to improve your overall marketing strategy and get a positive ROI.



Our team of SDRs do cold calling, telesales, telemarketing, appointment setting, and lead generation for you. They have the skills to quickly find, qualify, influence, and close decision-makers. On the phone, they sound authentic, professional, confident, and pleasant. They know how to move towards the sale or appointment in a tactful, friendly, and influential way.

Call Center


Our friendly and professional team provides virtual receptionist and virtual answering services. We will never let a call go unanswered and never let a client feel unimportant again. These are real people always on call providing 24/7 virtual answering service and support. We will make sure your customers are assisted so you can focus on running your business.

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Our experienced customer service and technical support team provides chat, e-mail, phone and ticket-based technical support and customer service. We do everything we can to delight your customers. We fully comprehend their needs and work to deliver total customer satisfaction. We learn and fully familiarize ourselves with your product in order to provide the best possible experience to customers.

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