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The overarching principles guiding us are viability, feasibility, and sustainability of what we do for our esteemed clients. Our experience underlines that to do so we must irrevocably pursue a flexible, rule-based, and agile structure that is ready to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Our thought process in this journey:

We sincerely believe in scaling up. Building the capacity and capability of our customers conveys to us that we have partnered with you correctly in your journey towards excellence. Accordingly, our commitment to train, upskill, and empower your internal resources makes your business a learning, growing, and mature one.



BookKeeper brings to your desk HR services both at strategic maneuver and operational management level. Our commitment is not only to provide you long term guidance in HCM but to walk the talk alongside you where either you do not have internal resources or you need qualitative or quantitative augmentation of internal resources.


Build an Efficient and Agile Organization

Every entity is throbbing with latent energy. While policies, procedures, responsibilities and authorities collectively represents the muscle to channelize and propel the energy, it must be supported by a intricately-crafted and strong skeleton, the organization structure, to harness the energy to the fullest.

Unabated continuation of the usual practice of incremental addition of positions and incumbents over long period results in the overburdened and inefficient organization as well as pockets of underutilization of resources against the implicit competitive pressure for a lean and efficient organization. Ritualistic reduction in the workforce reduces operational costs but does not guarantee an improvement in organizational efficiency or resilience. Further, this affects employee morale and lowers cohesion. 

Challenging the status quo helps to position the talents in the most effective manner that allows talents to be more visible, elevates performance levels and cohesion, and creates space for professional enrichment of the talents in the era of Gen X.

Value: Improved organizational efficiency, improved resource utilization, wider scope to perform, and contribute to individuals.

Deliverables: A lean and adroit organization structure that is flexible, agile, proactive and learning.


Efficient Talent Supply Chain, Optimal Manpower Cost

Human capital cost is a very significant component of the overall cost. Equally important is the retention of critical human capital. The right combination of strategy, tact, C&B structure and agility to adapt to evolving market dynamics only keeps the manpower spending within budget while retaining critical skills and competencies, thus keeping the organization competitive. Global recessions, geopolitical developments, pandemics can threaten to throw business out of gear due to choked revenue inflow, operating cost burden, or create unanticipated opportunities. Can you take a highly judicious decision about right-sizing and rationalizing your manpower yourself if faced with such a situation or need a second opinion? Our experience will come good, certainly.

Value: Cost optimization, knowledge retention, sustaining competencies

Deliverables: Overhauled or revised strategy and policies, tuned C&B structure and practices, revised organization structure


Imbibe Learning Into Culture; Marry Learning With Purpose

Continuous learning is the order of the day to sustain, remain relevant, and grow in business. Failure to imbibe a learning culture leads to the gradual downfall of business entities. Also, organizational learning is multi-dimensional and most of this comes from within.  Your investment in talent development must be based on three fundamentals– what, who, and when rather than how – supported by the right process framework, infrastructure, and matrices to improve your RoI.  Are you certain that your current TD strategy, policies, and practices are tightly coupled with today’s opportunities, tomorrow’s revenue as well as long term business goals? Are you efficiently tapping your internal resources for furthering learning? We guide you to integrate these into your learning roadmap.

Value: Right competency at right time, Spending aligned to opportunities and business goals, improved RoI. We guide you to foster an environment where attitude comes before qualifications that helps nurture talents the right way.

Deliverables: Talent development roadmap, hand in glove with your business plan, comprising of competency needs matrix, gaps, and strategic approach to bridge the gap at an optimal cost for a reasonable future period.


Exploit Talent Engagement to Harness Wide-Ranging Benefits

Talent thrives in an environment that encourages risk-taking,  emerging wiser, and stronger from failures, appetite to surpass milestones and that has irrefutable intent and ability to promote meritocracy. Talent engagement is all about fostering this environment of accountability, performance, learning, battle-readiness, and collaboration through innovative means.

In most organizations, talent engagement remains a highly under-minted function due to a lack of comprehension and appreciation of its enormity and potential. It receives executive attention for budget approval and is left at the hand of high-energy professionals to organize some fun programs that deliver some relief to stressed nerves.

Don’t you wish that your spending and efforts on talent engagement deliver you more mileage and deeper influence on your human capital towards rising up to any challenge at all times? Engage with us to explore and exploit the untapped potentials of talent engagement.

Value: Talents with a deep sense of accountability, commitment, and united in purpose, greater internal branding.

Deliverables: A talent engagement roadmap that aligns with business challenges for forthcoming years.


Attract The Most Promising Talents, Retain The Best Performers

The compensation strategy and structure has a formidable influence on attracting, harnessing performance, retaining talent, and direct and deep impact on the cost competitiveness of the business entity.  It is both science and art of precisely balancing between two diametrically opposite forces that ultimately pilot the organization survive and grow cutting through the headwinds and drawing strength from tailwinds.  Developing the most effective compensation strategy and structure is a highly inter-disciplinary exercise involving seasoned professionals from Finance, HR, Business Development, Market Intelligence disciplines. And that is exactly what we have at BookKeeper.

Value: Enabling the organization to remain competitive in terms of cost, talent, and knowledge.

Deliverables: A compensation strategy that fits into the current business climate, a compensation structure that soothes the treasury.


Benchmark Your HCM Efforts

Measurement of performance and efficiencies of business functions is paramount for steering through any kind of turbulence in the business climate and driving growth. Metrics approach provides deeper insight into the effectiveness of policies, practices, business processes, thus benchmark performance and drives  qualitatively superior decision making. Metrics-based stock taking of HCM aims at appreciating the quality of talent, depth of commitment and, in turn, improve your RoI in human capital. Do you have the right metrics for your HCM or are your HCM metrics relevant today? We are just a call away to help you.

Value: Makes HCM related decision making incisive, pin-pointed, and more accurate thus making the entity nimble and self-calibrated to navigate through thick and thin.

Deliverables: Set of matrices for various HCM functions with their computation methods and value propositions for various HCM related decision making.


Evaluate and Improve HR Processes

If it is time now to bring some method to the madness but you do neither have the time nor experienced resources, confide in us to build your entire gamut of HR processes, forms, report formats, set up measurements.  How do your employees feel about current processes – easy to follow or clumsy? Is your HR processes institutionalized or personality-driven? Does your process structure have adequate learning pivots? Have you explored if your process cost can be reduced without compromise of quality and efficiency?  Introspect with us.

Value: Repeatable and standardized processes, Predictable service level, Clarity on ownership, and reduced process cost.

Deliverables: Process manual/handbook with relevant forms, measurements.



We provide a wide range of HR services, periodic or need-based as is best for you, which not only reduces your cost but delivers values in other forms and above all de-congests the mind space of the leadership team.


Monthly Services

Our payroll processing service covers input data collection, IT exemptions validation, TDS computation, payslip generation, statutory compliance data preparation, processing employee inquiries and resolving grievances, educating employees on taxation, and tax exemptions with the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality.  Leaving payroll at our custody rids you off spending time on this critical, routine, and highly time-sensitive operational so that you devote your time on equally critical tasks that cries wolf for your time. And all these at an attractive cost.

Value: Reduced management overhead, cost control, plugging sensitive data leakage.


Monthly Services

Employee Satisfaction Surveys are important tools to preempt risks and do a post-mortem of decision that goes awry. However, this tool must be calibrated appropriately to secure qualitative insights out of its use. We can design and conduct ESS tuned to your needs, analyze the collected data, and extract insights for management’s consumption. We maintain absolute privacy and confidentiality of the collected data and derived insight.

Value: More accurate understanding of the pulse of the workforce and more precise input for decision making; absolute confidentiality of information; cost-saving.


Quarterly Services

We design and conduct a variety of talent engagement programs linked to a range of management objectives. We make sure that the programs elicit and sustain significant voluntary participation and fulfill the objectives while the spending is within an affordable range. Our past achievements are convincing. Just have a chat with us.

Value: Improved mileage in non-tangible form from the spending; greater internal branding; cost saving on multiple counts.


Monthly Services

Our talent development services focus primarily on managerial competency and leadership development which will be particularly suitable for SMEs. Our unique methodology drives the efforts towards fruition but makes it cost-effective for our clients. Contact us to know more.

Value: Qualitative advantage in leadership development; rationalized cost.


Monthly Services

We offer a range of recruitment related services right from writing accurate JDs to evaluating candidates for leadership roles. We have close relations with several academic institutions (engineering, management, and general streams) and can conduct campus recruitment on your behalf. Engaging us saves significant time and effort which, otherwise, you have to spend.



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