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Handbook for the CXO


Bookkeeping beyond Finance and Accounts

The "Book” in BookKeeper extends beyond accounting. For us, business is a book and each page represents the functions of the business. Transparency, effectiveness, and integration of each page with the other define and strengthen the fabric and constitution of the business. It is the picture of success, efficiency, sustainability, and continuity that unfolds as the business ages, matures, diversifies, and consolidates. This sheer dynamism and vibrancy adds excitement to the process called JOURNEY OF THE BUSINESS.



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What each page reflects. What the business owes (liability) and owns (asset).

What we do and how we matter. Measure, present and map each asset and liability to the business. Clarity, purpose, and transparency helps in evaluating success of the business. 


What each page reflects. How far can the business go and does it have the “fuel” to keep going?

What we do and how we matter. Frugality, productivity, and accountability are driven across the business. A well-oiled finance function allows the business to realize its aspirations and potential.


What each page reflects. Who provide the quality and qualifications to run the show?

What we do and how we matter. Nurture and develop the human capital so that they have the “midas touch” to transform and provide continuity to the business. 


What each page reflects. How does the business reach out and perform seamlessly and consistently always?

What we do and how we matter. Technology is the great enabler and marrying this with the markets, people, customers, and experience is what we do, thus remaining relevant always.


What each page reflects. How does the business deliver on the customers’ expectations and preferences?

What we do and how we matter. Excellence and experience keep the business alive and kicking. Risk management, costing and pricing, value engineering is what we bring to the table to enable a high recall factor.


What each page reflects. Whom and how do we reach out to?

What we do and how we matter. We are not marketing gurus. However, we are skilled enough to monitor, track, and report on the productivity and return of the marketing spends, both at an overall level as well as at product/service and channel level.


What each page reflects. Where does the soul of the business reside?

What we do and how we matter. Articulating purpose reinforces the culture and values of the business. Through an effective oversight mechanism and pragmatic monitoring, we help businesses to stay the course in a responsible and ethical manner.


What each page reflects. Has the business played by the rules and not cut corners?

What we do and how we matter. Sensitization about applicable regulations, building them in business processes, and reviewing them for honest mistakes or errors is what we do well. Zero tolerance to intentional mistakes or errors is what is driven across relentlessly.